All Homestar, all the times.


Homestropoly part 2! My dad, my brother and I made this several years back. I conceptualized the idea, my dad did pretty much all the photoshop work, and my brother and I found all the pictures and named all the properties. The teen girl squad as the railroads was my dad’s idea.

"All right all you gophers out there. Ha-bring it on!"

-Strong Sad

More pics to come!

Holy moly! In a move of astounding creativity and hard work that is sure to invite many lawsuits, Tumblr user the-widget went ahead and made his own dang Homestaropoloy! Go check it out over at his Monopoly tag!

Will this make a game of Monopoly finishable, without somebody getting mad and flipping the board over? Chances seem good!

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  • SONG: Chumbly Wumbly Bear
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Did he sell beans? 
Lord, no!
Did he sell eggs?
Lord, no!

Thank you for existing. I was beginning to think nobody remembered this.

Homestar Runner is what’s taking up space in my brain instead of math. And I have no regrets!


Them: What kind of music do you listen to

Me: image

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